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The everlasting present moment. Photo courtesy of mikumistock

I just spent a truly enjoyable ten minutes reading a blog post titled "The Holy and The Plain" by Maggie Lyon. She writes about appreciating the spirit and significance, the depth of life, in ordinary objects. A shoe. An apple. An umbrella. A tree branch. All of these objects are so much more in reality than what we see in our minds when we think about or imagine a shoe, an apple, an umbrella, a tree branch. Close your eyes a second and think about an apple. Is it just a simple shape, mostly red? What about the taste and the smell? How it feels in your hands. The vivid streaks of color variation in the skin. Chances are your mind conjures a pretty weak symbol of what an apple truly is.

Why is this? I think these details get too close to the present moment, what's happening right now, which may include holding an apple in your hands and experiencing it. We often don't like that present moment, seeing it only as a step between the past and the future and never having any value of its own. Take a moment right now, grab any object and spend just 60 seconds studying it, how it looks, how it feels in your hands, how it smells. Let all your senses weigh in on the experience. Even the most mundane objects seem to come to life when you experience them fully in the moment.


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